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Married & mum of 3 boys :) Living on an outpost looking in, on the edge where the air is thin and hooked up to a network of amazing people. Intimacy is my mantle and berserker is my nature. Radical is my passion and seeing is my life. Living loved is my journey....



‘When a white rose and
a red rose come together,
it becomes pink’

My family tree….

EDWARD III, King of England, 1312 - 1377
Married 1328
Philippa of Hainaut 1311 - 1369
|                                          |
2nd Son; LIONEL of ANTWERP              3rd Son; JOHN of GAUNT
1st Duke of Clarence                                1st Earl of Richmond
1338-1368                                                    1st Duke of Lancaster
 M.1342 Elizabeth de BURGH                 Duke of Aquitaine 1340-1399
        4th Countess of Ulster                      M.1396 Katherine SWYNFORD    
1332-1363                                                    1350 - 1403
Philippa PLANTAGENET                                          |                           
     5th Countess of Ulster                                 Joan BEAUFORT 1379-1440
M.1368 Edmund MORTIMER                     M.1392 Robert FERRERS
    3rd Earl of March 1352 -1381              2nd Baron Ferrers of Wemme
                               |                                             M. 2nd,1397 Ralph NEVILLE
Elizabeth MORTIMER                        1st Earl of Westmorland
1371 -1417                                             1364-1425
M. 1379 Lord Henry PERCY                                                                      
(Son.1st Earl of Northumberland)                         |                                     

Lady Eleanore NEVILLE 1389- 1472
M.2nd 1414 Henry PERCY
2nd Earl of Northumberland 1393-1455
Henry PERCY, 3rd Earl of Northumberland 1421-1461
M.1435 Eleanor POYNINGS 5th Baroness Poynings 1422-1484
Lady Margaret PERCY b.1447
M. Sir William GASCOIGNE 1450-1487
(Grt x2 Grandson of Joan BEAUFORT/Robert FERRERS)
Elizabeth GASCOIGNE, 1471-1559;
M. 1493 Sir George TALBOYS
de jure 9th Baron Kyme 1467-1538
Anne TALBOYS 1516-1566
M. Sir Edward DYMOKE of Scrivelsby, King's Champion 1508-1566
Margaret DYMOKE 1524-1591
M. 1558, William EURE 2nd Baron Eure 1529-1594
Ralph EURE, 3rd Baron EURE, MP, 1558-1617
M. 1578 Mary TUNSTALL d.1612
William EURE, 4th Baron Eure 1579-1646
M.1601 Lucy NOEL d.1616 (Sib. 2nd Viscount Campden)
Hon. Sir William EURE, died 1644
M. Margaret DENTON 1612-1637
Hon. Mary EURE
William PALMES of Lindley, Yorks.
Elizabeth PALMES, M.1684
Sir William STRICKLAND,3rd Bt, 1665-1724
Sir William STRICKLAND, 4th Bt, MP, d.1735
M. Catherine SAMBROOKE d.1767
Sir George STRICKLAND, 5th Bt, 1729-1808
M.1751, Elizabeth WINN (Winn, Bt)
Walter STRICKLAND b.1771
M.1803 Frances WESTERN d.1836
Frances STRICKLAND d.1890
M.1826 Charles COTTRELL-DORMER of Rousham 1801-1874
Clement UPTON-COTTRELL-DORMER of Rousham, 1827-1880
M.1858 Florence Anne UPTON d.1907
Florence Augusta COTTRELL-DORMER d.1947
M.1885 Capt.Hon.Cecil Saumarez IRBY (Boston. Baron) 1862-1935
Greville Northey IRBY, 7th Baron Boston 1889-1958
M.1913 Constance Beryl LESTER d.1969
Hon. Rachel Elizabeth Cecily IRBY 1914 – current day
M.1940 Lt. Darsie RAWLINS 1912-2003
Adrian Drake RAWLINS b.1942 – current day
M.1964 Ani TERZIAN b.1946 – current day
Katherine Isobel Rawlins b.1965 – current day
M.1990 Malcolm Garda 1961 – current day
23rd generation


Tim Sokell said...

Blimey! :)

Katherine Garda said...

Tim, that SO made me laugh! :D

Walker said...

It's the only word that fits!

Nicki said...

Awesome! Don't tangle with Pinky..she got clout!

Katherine Garda said...

Nicki :D even my blood is pink!!

Walker said...

This is so crazy...waz lyin in bed thinkin just now bout John of Gaunt as you do...checked email n here you are! Anyway...found out the other day that John n his second wife Constanza of Castile were great grand parents of Ferdinand n Isabella who granted Columbus, Cortes and Pizarro the right to conquer South America!

Katherine Garda said...

That's interesting Lique and interesting that you were thinking about it! The influence was SO broad, wife no.2 was a Katherine (Catalina) XX

Anonymous said...

It seems as if you and I share some ancestors. You have a very interesting site, which I shall be certain to delve into.


Lady Shirley
Blackthorn Manor
Dublin, Ireland

Katherine Garda said...

Great to hear from you Lady Shirley, delve away! :D