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TreasureChest WALKS 2011

The walk around London in August 2010
completed a 40 month period of 28 walks
since I began in Turkey, May 2007
....see Swordmaker of Adana 
Twelve of these walks began with Steve Lowton into the Middle East (Turkey,Syria,Israel,Egypt), Leeds to Cardiff, much of Wales and touching Scotland and Ireland. Also three walks accompanying Paul Wood and Adam Clark from East London (olympic site) to Northampton via the river Lea to Luton.
In Sept 2008 when setting off to walk from Bournemouth to Brighton I was unaware that I was heading into 13 walks of my own where many of you have joined me or connected with me somehow along the way. For this I am SO grateful.... thank you for your company visible or invisible...to be heard is a massive privilege.
Since completing The 'Bell' Walk assignment the City of London has become a place I have been given a connection with, as if a small door has opened for me to quietly come and go. So I have felt free to make the most of every opportunity return to that square mile and trip over the God-connections set-up for me. Otherwise, autumn 2010 has been a fallow time and so restful.
However, another shape mapped out by places has been apparent to me throughout 2010. This has stayed with me and after laying it down to wait, it is now clear to me to go with what I see and let it unravel as I step out.. literally .
The shape I see is to the west of the 'Bell'. It is a rectangle taking in Lincoln, west to Chester (thro Chesterfield), then south to Caerleon (Nr Newport) and finally east to St Albans. Once this is marked out, I will cross over this area diagonally, Chester to St Albans and lastly Lincoln to Caerleon. I believe with this in place and finally pivoting on Caerleon, then the South West will come into view. There is one more place of note in my view box, the line that connects Selsey to Maidenhead to Lincoln carries on North to Whitby. I am anxious to complete that connection as the relationship between Selsey, Whitby and Wilfred is where the 'Bell' walk started for me.
In 1997, God laid on my heart places called 'The Chesters', the definition of these places was that they were the footholds of control in the nation and would be the places to hold-out the longest before being up-rooted. This walking for me is part of heaven's strategy to remove the control grid on the land and where it locks in on these 'Chesters'. I love it when God takes something that has a negative connotation and takes it back for His own meaning. Having carried the issue of 'The Chesters' for so long, it was a joy when God interjected with the word 'Treasure Chest' (Thank you Paul). So I believe that this rectangle shape is a Treasure Chest, Lincoln and Chester are the hinges, within this area is many of the wells and treasure that is to be revealed.
Into all this activity there is a CONTEXT that I am constantly aware of which helps to place my micro in the macro! I have been living with a 10 yr cycle ....Particularly since the Toronto pour out in 1994....
See 'Wave' for more on this.


(1) Lincoln to Chester : March 24th - 27th See Report Below

Hinge to hinge, the first cut across the top of the treasure chest.

(2) Lincoln to Whitby  : April 29th - May 2nd See Report Below
Royal weddings, indigenous inheritance on, imported garb off.

(3) Chester to Caerleon : June 9th - 12th See Report below
Welts, dragons and diamonds, a 'treasure' hoard to be uncovered and redistributed.

(4) Caerleon to St Albans : July 14th - 17th See Report below
'Treasure Chest' lid prised off, time for heads to roll, for crazy stories and much strength.

(5) Chester to St Albans : Sept 13th - 17th     http://pinkypirate.blogspot.com/p/latest-walk.html
The first of two walks through the centre of this 'Treasure Trove' particularly reversing the Roman Watling street connection with the indigenous Anglesey Massacres.

This is an opportunity to step out of our routine and do something completely different, taking who we are in our everyday and connecting with the land en route, having great conversations with others and walking out the rucks of our lives step by step.
The Whole earth is Full of His Glory and there's alotta Glory on tha Feet.

MARCH 24TH - 27TH 2011
I was a tad daunted having been off the road for 8 months, so it is good to be off the starting blocks. This is the first leg of three walks that mark out a rectangle adjoining the 'bell' shape between Lincoln and St Albans. I have called it a 'treasure chest' and I believe these walks will unseal it's lid. This 'lid' IS coming off the whole area which will in turn affect many other places linked outside the area. All the team came from outside this area, Preston, Swindon, Glasgow, Brighton, Winchester, Selsey and The Wirral. These are probably all places that are directly connected in some way and will receive a crucial knock-on affect which in turn will roll out to other places connected to them. For example, as Chester comes into alignment with Jesus for the sake of the nation and not just itself, it will directly affect Winchester which will in turn affect the places Winchester is connected to.

Lincoln and Chester are the hinges by which this 'lid' opens to reveal the treasure beneath. The 'lid' I see is a layer of 'control' and the 'chesters' are the places that keep it in place. At this point I believe the four corners of this 'Treasure Chest' are such places.
My first ever walk in Turkey became an exercise to make an incision in the land and cut open the 300 miles between Adana and Ankara for the sake of what was beneath the surface. This walk feels very similar and having begun I am living with an incision that has been made, an opening that has begun and a surface that has been 'sliced' open so far.
Lincoln once again opened its doors to us specifically via my link with Linda Yoxon who is now resident in France. My deep thanks to Dawne and Francis Ward and their family for hosting us SO kindly, it is clear to see your hearth burns brightly for Jesus. My bond is deep with Lincoln, somehow we are fellow travellers and these further walks are only possible because this corner stone is in position for which I am so grateful.
As we walked towards Chesterfield it was remarkably warm, the twisted spire was easily visible like the hugest of signs in the centre of this 'field' flanked by Sheffield, Dronfield, Mansfield, Macclesfield, Holmsfield etc. So we called for this 'harvest field' and for no more twisting of the gospel. As part of our journey we looped our way around the church building in the opposite direction to it's twisted spire and as if holding a rope, pulled for an untwisting. Making our way through the 12th Century marketplace, we kept hold of the loop we had made in order to pull, all the way to Chester, for a pure form of the gospel in the harvest field. From there the land rose towards the Peak District and we entered England's postcard; A deep green carpet of soft rolling hills as far as the eye can see. With Chatsworth house to our left we made our way to Buxton through the birthplace of Andrew our walker from Paisley, Glasgow. Even the area of the Peak District resembles an 'embryo' shape on the map, a birth place. It was here I was conscious that we crossed east to west, a former walk north to south from Leeds to Birmingham in 2007. As we walked through Baslow just north of Bakewell we were marking out a 'cross' in this birthing place by the crossing of these two walks. Passing through tiny villages with huge medieval Church buildings never ceases to amaze me, monuments standing for centuries and some with stonework that takes my breath away.
I am so grateful to Baz and Linda Gascoyne for giving us accommodation in Sheffield for two nights as we made our way west. Each morning as we took time to be with Jesus before setting off it was such fun laughing together and getting fully loaded by Jesus' finished work that the actual logistics to get out onto the road were such a test! These walks are not easy but the 'ease' that is on us takes us through the hurdles which is a joy.
Through Macclesfield forest we made the descent out of the Peaks and the temperature had dropped. Having got past Chesterfield the mood seemed to change and the nearer we drew to Chester the frostier the reception felt. Moving forward like an arrowhead we continued more aware of the warmth of Jesus in eachother and filling every little place. No place is more important that another, turn over a rock on a lonely outcrop and Jesus is there just as much as the urban thoroughfares that demand such attention. Through the salt mines we went, the 'wiches', crossing Middlewich and on to the outskirts of Chester. This was a long day and to arrive at Jane Schroeder's in Christleton, SW Chester to a hot meal and a warm welcome was a Godsend, bless you Janey.
After crossing three ancient bridges that were part of the medieval London/Holyhead road, we took the canal route escorted by Phil and Mags Tyler into Chester to complete this first leg. We stood in the centre of the walled city beside a dismal piece of stone named the Chester Cross. I have 12 impressive Eleanor Crosses in my invisible carpet bag but had no urge to add this to the collection. I had to note St. Peters beside us as we simply confessed our journey as individuals and as a group, to see all 'lids' of control removed. 'The Crossed Keys' recall the keys to the kingdom of heaven promised to Saint Peter. They were an emblem held by the 'head of the Church' over the western roman empire. The fact that Rome professed to have these keys was the persuading argument that handed an indigenous way of faith to the way of Rome at Whitby in 664. A finishing touch was to encounter a superb sculpture of a baby elephant called Janya (life) in Northgate. Elephants have been a theme in my walking that represents the east coming west to bring a balance to our western mindset, so to happen upon Janya was wonderful.
A team of walkers will return to Chester in June to walk south to Caerleon and some of these threads may develop more.The highlight of this walk was the team. They were complete stars and it was a pleasure to watch the camaraderie and Jesus encounter flourish amongst people unknown to each other before this walk. My huge gratitude goes to you Ruth Smith, Andrew Billingham, Dave Porter, Nicki Beaumont and Debs Robinson, amongst the blisters, laughter and bus hitching it was complete riot.
April 29th to May 2nd, I will be walking to Whitby from Lincoln to complete the walk already done from Selsey to Lincoln via Maidenhead. Having been there on 'pirates day' and on a 'day of toil', this third visit with be for The 'Rest' and the finished work of the Cross. Friday 29th April will be the royal wedding and the connections with Anglesey, Katherine, royal marriage and a love-match rather than blood, wealth or power are important keys that have been part of this journey. My son Aidan will be 13 on this day and is so named for the sake of the 'Fire of the North'.


This has been a walk waiting to happen since April 2008. The starting point for all my walking in England was the connection between 'Wilfred', the first bishop of Selsey, and the Synod of Whitby in 664. Having walked a direct route, at different stages, between Selsey and Lincoln, heading north from Lincoln to Whitby completes this journey.

It was a 'bell' shape that we marked out on a desolate Selsey beach 3 years ago just by standing as a group in relation to where we lived. At that time we called to heaven to do what it liked with this enactment as we stood where the Bishopric originally operated and took communion. Since then that whole 'bell' shape geographically has been 'walked out' and so completing the walk up to Whitby is what it 'hangs' on, on the map it literally looks like the cord the 'bell' and 'treasure chest' hang on.
Up until this point there has been various assignments over the last 3 years that lead to an unplugging and draining away of 'control' at it's entry points, a bit like taking the plug out of a bath full of stagnant water. Now it is time to focus on the original and authentic heartbeat of the land rather than the import that has sort to define who we are. So enough about Wilfred and his roman love and more about Hilda and her legacy of Christ's love in ALL creation.
With this in mind we set our best foot forward as Catherine, of much coal mining blood walked up the aisle to wed the Prince of Wales suitably in residence in Anglesey!! I love it! I took the time to tarry a while in Lincoln and it's cathedral to be freshly shod with the reality that if you marry royalty you become royalty and if you marry a King you become a Queen....legitimately fact!
This was an amazing day to walk. That morning the streets were dead, no-one was out and we made children start as we happened upon their favourite hang-outs when all adults seemed otherwise occupied.
We made our way through north Lincolnshire and up towards The Humber, as the afternoon drew on it was noticeable how inhospitable that area was, the land was dry and hard and it showed in the places and on the faces where we walked.
The next day we crossed The Humber, bridges always have such an exhilaration about them, two of the team felt such a strength surge through them as they 'took' the bridge. The land the other side slowly softened into the beautiful countryside of Yorkshire, a pleasure to walk through. We passed Driffield and headed towards Scarborough to make our way up the coast from there.
Staying in a holiday home on Filey Beach overlooking the whole bay, we took time to imbibe and enjoy Christ in us and feel His heart. There was a dormancy on the land like a heavy slumber as if falling asleep was a protective instinct . So we recognised that the lethargy that so easily permeates our focus to deaden our senses is the spell to be broken, as Jesus comes with His Cross to Kiss and Awaken that which has been in superficial death. As for Scarborough, there was a yearning that 'She was once a true love of mine', a Jesus' song to her. These walks are all about unlocking identity, in the land and in those walking, uncovering the indigenous DNA from that which is not native or a foreign importation that has had dominion. There is an unhealthy madness that besets all life when capped and so the lid must come off in order to be exposed to the light of The Son. I believe there will be such a shift in mental illness as the false layers are removed from the land . All must come into it's right mind.
From Scarborough to Ravenscar to Robinhood Bay we took the coast and proceeded along the cliff top to arrive at Whitby. A stunning walk. We stood on the cliff edge away from the Abbey ruins, having been there twice before, placing Welsh coal in the soil and leaving 3 white roses (wild fire and selfless pure love) I was done with the building. It on the edge and looking out to sea where an indigenous way was ushered back in. Banishment and exile always allows for return, a return for all that naturally rises from this land, foreign to all Greek dualism and roman domination.
Two massive unseen closed doors were opened wide and taken off their hinges to create an archway and we welcomed home who we are in the light of Christ in ALL, through ALL and for ALL. We stood as Hilda stood, trusting The One who has completely provided through His death for ALL redemption. Five women orchestrating full reversal, indigenous dial turned to 'ON' and import dial turned to 'OFF', quite simple really. We merely addressed that which has been an 'Imported way of being' and confessed an utter non-recognition of that which is not indigenous to these Islands. We were very clear, this foreign way has never worked, is not who we are and so must leave, we are done with this imposter and all quibbling will cease, enough is enough and we are DONE.
My huge thanks to Dawne and Francis Ward who hosted us for 2 nights in Nettleham, Lincoln and their 3 lovely children. The team, Vallyvoo, Debs, Mags, Lizzie, Phil, Dave and Tanya, you are all wonderful and I am so thankful for the gift of who you are. There are those walk with us while at home, calling and seeing as we go and encouraging us, I thank you so much.
This last weekend we have held for the first time a gathering in Selsey for about 80 people, which I believe is directly connected to all that has been walked and a sign of the land giving birth to a whole new way, where remaining taken up with 'The Way' will be the only way forward.
My next walk will be from Chester to Caerleon, June 9th - 12th, to continue cutting open the lid of the 'treasure chest'.

A team gathered at Chester on 9th June to walk for 4 days directly south to Caerleon, nr Newport in South Wales.
Caerleon first came on my radar whilst in St Albans in 2009. Alban gave his life to save a Welsh priest who escaped, but was caught in Caerleon. Since then I have been aware that it is an important and very hidden 'well'.

As the Treasure Chest became obvious I could see Caerleon as a hoard of treasure that could be re-distributed... spiritual wealth to be unlocked for the nation. I saw a dragon resting on top of this treasure but was unsure whether that was a hindrance or for safety so I reserved judgement.

Chester used to be called Caerleon as well, meaning 'a fortress of legions' established by romans. Chester & Caerleon were north and south fortresses marking out what became the great divide between Anglo-Saxon and Welsh. This divide was continued by Mercia (occupants of the Midlands) on what was perhaps Roman origins, entrenched by theNormans and rooted in by the 'Welsh Marches'. The March lords and their castles were placed to keep the Welsh at bay at all costs. Chester, Shrewsbury, Ludlow, Leominster and Hereford line up like a frontier and the land west for about 20 miles is like a no-mans land running from north to south. It was in the centre of this strip of land that we walked touching no major English or Welsh place, but rather the area that is in-between. It was as if we were walking a furrow, a gully all the way along the border.

I was reminded of something I saw 20 years ago of welts across the land, linear wounds where a cut had gone deep and opened up like raw flesh. As I continued to look I saw complete healing take place and I have written about it here-'Welts' if you want to know more. Walking this 'side' of the Treasure Chest was setting in place a 'new boundary' for 2 nations and their distinctiveness.... also for complete healing and a new engagement.

In 2007 I entered into Wales at Chepstow kneeling to ask for Wales' hand and to lower ourselves to receive their blessing. Their brokenness is our brokenness and their healing, our healing. In that year a walk continued around the coast ofWales and at the exit above Chester again I was on my knees asking forWales' hand.

I have constantly been amazed at the Welsh response of grace and kindness, almost wanting to pull us off our knees and draw us alongside, awkward at being raised up, but this must be so if balance and equality is to come. The key is that England lowers itself in order to raise up that which it has oppressed so that a new engagement can take place. 

The English gift of leadership is as a servant, as Christ laid His life down for us and as Alban laid his life down for the welsh priest and so the husband does like wise for his bride, so England is to Wales. This new engagement, like a diamond in a ring as one lady was reminded of losing her diamond and her husband releasing it into the land, it made sense of why I had lost a diamond from my engagement ring just this January after being in Newport at the 'GloryFest' event.

This is the furrow, the wound we walked imbibing the joy of Jesus and His absolute command of this situation, knowing He has everything in hand we are free to put one foot in front of t'other and encounter His fullness. Personal wounds in our team of walkers are intrinsically linked to the ground our feet touch, journeys of years where, at this juncture all we have faced is not only about our little lives but also an echo to the heart beat of the land and the injustices that can affect nations. 
One walker who has dyslexia became a bit unglued when they could not work out which direction to go. It was as if all they had ever felt that had rubbished who they are and the way they think accosted them all at once, so this poor walker was in the pits! As they continued to find their way forward, Jesus began to tell them how much he loved the way they thought and that He made them perfectly. So the walker walked out of this 'trough' and found their way to the meeting point. Where upon they found themselves standing under a sign saying 'The Dyslexia Centre'!!! The way a person feels treated as second rate or a 'problem' is the same for a nation when treated so. 

Dave and Donna Vaughan (who we stayed with in Pontypool)  have had a boundary issue on their land for years where a neighbour was taking their land as his own and refusing to adhere to the true boundary. This issue has now been resolved after tireless court proceedings. Taking someone's back yard and showing utter disregard for what is theirs relates to what has gone on in the nation.

Our troughs and our peaks all count on the journey and are connected with the land, all that we are is important. As we believe who we are IN Christ then the land comes into the same alignment, creation is longing for us to come into our OWN.

This 'welt' was so quiet compared to the usual busy roads or built up areas, it was amazing to walk and see no-one or walk in the centre of a 'B' road because it was like a country lane! Anyone we spoke to was so friendly and helpful, it was like finding a hideaway or a secret garden. The place that is 'in between' (click for more on this) contains a antidote to all that which has been exhausted or over-used, a place of relief. A new boundary that is not gouging areas of land from the Welsh, is a plumb line of definition and a place of healing. In 2007 I poured out oil and parchment representing Smith Wigglesworth's 'spirit and word' that had been kept for 7 years. I now begin to understand why it had to be on that border.

For 2 nights we stayed right in the heart of this 'furrow' near Church Stoke with a lovely older couple who housed all eight of us, their house was in England and the river at the bottom of their garden was Wales.
Once we reached the river Usk, Caerleon was insight and the final day was to finish off the last 15 miles and arrive in time at the roman amphitheatre to meet Karen Lowe and Debs Chapman from Llanelli, Steve Hallet from Llandaff, Cardiff and Davey Vaughan, our man of Gwent residing in Pontypool. This day the heavens opened and it rained 14 days worth in one day.

Often entrances or the boundary's to a place are few miles outside them and even though they look small, they have a wide influence. Such places may look as if they have become a 'back-water', but it is veiled, in hiding so that you could forget it is there. In reality they are the 'key' to unlock a whole region so on one level the veil is protection but also a 'keep out' sign, so there are mixed motives but 'Jesus timing' is the override. A sleeping beauty is to be awoken with a kiss and when time is up, a way through is made with just the right people at the right time. 

As we began the few miles along the river Usk with the finish line just ahead, the final 'walk in' usually has an adrenalin rush that causes the ground to fly beneath the feet and even being soaked can be a stimulant! Making my way through this 'veil', this 'curtain' into Caerleon was one of the hardest of the 30 walks that I have done. The discouragement was like the rain, it got everywhere, a forlorn and dank lost-ness seemed to beset my very bone marrow. The duress was irrational as if I was fighting for every step, Sarah a stalwart woman and dear friend urged me on where I could have sat on a sodden hill in bewilderment with all mental bearings skewiff.
Finally, once we entered the town everything began to ease, even the rain stopped and ...we were on time...in place and on time 

We stood in the roman amphitheatre with such strength it was as if my walk in was just a bad dream! We began announcing all we had walked for, and called for the 'controlling lid' to be taken off all that has been crushed and put down in that place. All I could see were flames, a wild fire coming up from the ground. Such an authority and royalty is in that place where you can ask for whatever is in on your heart and nothing was too much, a gauntlet went down for Scotland, for Zimbabwe, for the 'Man of Gwent, for the Welsh identity, the Pen dragon and of course England and Wales.

Allsorts unsaid and said went into that furnace, for we know that we are 'the prayer' rather than it just being about articulation, every step, every sacrifice, every breath, we are the embodiment of IT, we are a walking prayer. An 'orange glow' surrounded us, the same glow that arrived in Selsey where 80 people had gathered this May calling for the indigenous to rise, the same glow that popped out of my belly, embraced my face and went of on it's way, the first time I stood at Cardiff gate in 2007....her name then was 'Intimacy'.

The Welsh Dragon is rising shining like gold, it's identity in The Son and with it is hidden treasure that has been kept until now. It was awesome having everyone there, myriad Jesus refracting through every movement, sight and sound of His creation. Jesus, our conductor and we are lightening rods in Him, along with the whole orchestra, the elements and all creation.
Part of me has not returned from this walk, I remember this being the case the first time I walked into St Albans and so returning to Caerleon in July to walk out from there to St Albans will bring full-circle what has begun.

I am indebted to the wonderful team that walked with me, I am SO grateful to Sarah, Dave, Jen, Nicki, Debs, Andrew & Graham for  ALL of who you are and to God for bringing you on this walk, just the right ingredients that was needed....we walk, warts and all and nothing is wasted. Thank you to all eagle riders who prayed for us hovering overhead and up ahead. Thank you to Janey for having us in Chester, to Michael and Claudette Pollits in Church Stoke and Davey and Donna Vaughan in Pontypool, sitting down to a Lamb roast was ace and Annie's fudge was such a treat.
Thank you for reading this far. Alotta glory on the feet....

Caerleon to St Albans 14-17th July 2011 
(Click on map for larger version)
In 304, the Welsh priest that Alban saved was captured in Caerleon and it is suggested that he may have been the Bishop of Llandaff (now part of Cardiff) so it was one more good reason to be with Jen and Steve Hallet who live in Llandaff before setting out on this walk. It is a privilege and a joy to connect with such people of the land.
I was looking to forward to standing in Caerleon once more having found it so open and responsive. Like meeting a new friend, I wished there was more time to hang out but we had 140 miles to cover. So in order to step into St Albans 4 days later, so it was time to push the miles beneath our feet.
That morning felt wild as if I was high up on wings, looking down while keeping my balance in the strong winds of the heights. This place Caerleon had opened up a whole new level, where the truth that ALL is possible is like an overriding force that surges through every sense and throws you headlong into such truth.
We set off to complete this 'de-lidding', this prising open of a crusty old ceiling that had become ground for our feet but actually is a covering over the real land beneath. When I walked in Anglesey in April 2008  my impression was the same...
'Control is like a Lid tightly Sealed
To subdue.....contain and bury...
Taking its time to cultivate a life
On top of that which it pronounces dead!
It slowly spreads Ugly Rumours 
about what is beneath
Until the fear of removing the lid is 
Proportionate to the fear incurred
In the heart of the controller
Who ensured the enclosure in the first place…..'

At Chepstow we crossed the old Severn bridge with fond farewells to Wales. A royal authority, a 'Chief of chiefs : Pen dragon' is resident in the hidden place that is Caerleon and it has surfaced. It has awakened to take part in the summoning of a new day in these islands and we were thankful for its ancient 'war-chief' breath to our backs.
We ploughed eastwards until Fosse Way, the roman road into Cirencester then headed to Swindon to stay with the Smith family, as it was Ruth Smith who walked to Chester from Lincoln with us. 
Swindon has been a dead-lock but all dead-locks contain living keys that are willing to lay down their 'turn' in order to remain in that place. It is a hard place to be but when it is the 'turn' of the living key, it opens the whole dead-lock. Ruth is one of these 'living keys'...hidden, full of life and so 'turned' upside down by Jesus. Us coming through her home was bringing a friction and putting something in motion for her,  her home and the whole area...an unlocking. If Chester and Lincoln are the hinges then this is part of the padlock.
There is such a beauty when God uses the 'crud' in our lives to unlock treasure. 
We continued towards Oxford aware that that we were walking through a 'padlock'. It was here we began to shadow the River Thames or the River Isis as it is officially not the Thames until Thame. There was a huge air show in the smallest of hamlets directly on our route which meant what should have been a quiet, easy way through was stacked out with manic traffic and people, coupled with constant jets careering over head! One walker had a nasty fall and was constantly thrown off course to get to our reconnaissance at Radcot. 
Radcot on the Thames; the place where in 1387 a couple of my ancestors set in motion what was to become 'The Wars of the Roses' fought between supporters of two rival branches of the royal House of Plantagenet: the houses of Lancaster and York, the "red" and the "white" rose, respectively, which is why I have opted for Pink!
Rivers have a strong right on the land and end up carrying the burden and baggage of poor human stewardship. Isis is a direct link to our own 'headship' opposing the true headship of Jesus which I believe to be the root of masonry.
I could feel such strength with me this day as if all the walking so far has built layer upon layer a 'new' way through these places. A way that draws on the underlying strength in the land rather than bouncing off the obstacles and hindrances that have been set in place to maintain the status quo. It literally felt like a plough, tearing open the surface to reveal fresh soil. 
There was a definite welcome in the wind as I crossed the A34 at Oxford. A descendant of the Roald Dahl story-telling legacy met me at the Catherine Wheel pub. Resting at a old priory for a swishwiffling pint, it was a treat to be escorted in this literary place by a young lady, in love with Jesus and completely unboxed and unbridled by religion. As it happens she will live in Caerleon from the Autumn onwards.
Making a bee-line for St Albans we crossed the Icknield Way and went through Great Missenden passing Roald Dahls Museum, exactly where two years ago I walked through on my way to Maidenhead from Lincoln. Crossing Hemel Hempstead was like going through an open door, an open welcoming place that is St Albans far more friendly neighbour.

This is my sixth visit to St Albans, a place that is not voluntarily acquiescent to the followers of The Way but each time there has been something fresh to lay hold of in this city. While relishing being in union with Jesus that morning the words came at me like a steam train 'Today is a day for a beheading'. Little did I know that the plight of a 13 year old girl had finally ignited the explosion needed to topple the heads involved in controlling the media, the government and the police. All I knew was that the 'head' of man that has sort to raise itself above the need for God was being lopped off that day. Man's 'headship' to run its own affairs and have the control manifests highly in St Albans and the sword that was given me in Turkey in 2007 was the double blade of 'rightness and justice' to sever it.
Just as Alban lost his head for Jesus on that hill so St Albans has lost its head on that hill. With a Boadicean stride passing the roman fort and looping the cathedral , at last three of us stood at the junction of St Peters and Catherine street and put our three heads together. 
All for the 'Three in One' and the 'One in Three', 
And for our oneness, placed in the Trinity 
Standing in the kiss of The Cross... 
Yes, we are off our heads....because what Jesus has done is mind blowing!  We engaged with the True Head to bring pressure to bear on this 'false head' and disengage head from neck. No more head-butting here! 
We called for 'head-Off, Lid-Off, rip it all off and open it all up'! So all in all, heads rolled that day and we salute Alban, the first known head to roll for Jesus in these islands because that is our inheritance in this nation and we will not be told otherwise.
My absolute thanks to Andrew and Nicki who walked all the way with me, to Dave, Graham and Ruth for coming as well, to Ruth and Neale in Swindon for looking after us and Sarah and Tim in Wheathampstead. My huge thanks to those who flew overhead calling and praying over us from their homes.
The next two walks in September and October will form a cross across this whole area marked out and unsealed with a kiss. A kiss because Christ took our place and kissed us back to life on a cross. Firstly from Chester to St Albans and lastly from Lincoln to Caerleon.
The rest of the walk dates can be found here.
Thank you for reading so far, there's such alotta glory on tha feet.....

X marks the spot where treasure lies and The Cross is the X to end all x’s.
The Word became the Son of Man and Creator kissed creation back to life,
indeed true Love’s kiss to break the spell and awaken the beauty. 
Beauty for ashes and the oil of joy for mourning
….all dormancy is over.
So having marked out this treasure chest to break the seal of its lid, it was now time to criss-cross over this spot from corner to corner, from ‘chester’ to ‘chester’ forming a huge ‘X’ in the Mid-lands for the Jesus Kiss of Life and True Love. Here lies treasure and many wells, so we walked/waded through it all; walking ‘kisses’ as Jesus oozes from every pore in a covenant of Oneness, complete Oneness.
The first stroke of the X was Chester to St Albans, connected by the Roman Watling Street and therefore a thoroughfare for centuries. There were two issues that came to mind for this walk, they are linked and I was keen for them to be part of this journey.
Having walked Anglesey (Ynys Môn) in 2009 with a strong familial tie, I have been struck ever since by the way the last Welsh rebels held out there against the Romans and were massacred there. Until Ynys Môn was subdued, Wales was not beaten, which denotes to me that what takes place there affects that nation. It is fitting that the Prince of Wales has been living there and that the royal wedding bought such profile to Ynys Môn.
In AD60, a roman general arrived in St Albans (fresh from Armenian victories) with a determination to impress Caesar. He marched straight up the Watling Street to Chester. Resourced from there he made west for Ynys Môn, sacked the place and massacred the people. Meanwhile Boudicca from East Anglia, outraged at Rome for taking her land, raping her daughters and beating her, led a revolt sacking Colchester, London and St Albans, burning them and killing thousands of Romans. When the General heard this news he sped back down the Watling Street only to hold back in fear of being defeated. However it was to be the defeat of Boudicca and her huge army that took place on the Watling Street probably where the topology most resembles the roman reports.
So major ‘blood clots’ on the land either end of this Watling Street. Walking back to St Albans away from Chester, it was to pull away and roll up the connection that carried and released death and destruction to Môn. We also prepared ourselves for the Boudicca thread we would pick up further down the road.
We were a small team of four for the whole five days and 170 miles, hand picked and just enough for the job from Glasgow, St Albans, Brighton and Selsey. With the threat of hurricane Katia looming I decided to have a frank chat with her out at sea, as a head on collision on land was simply not the ticket. After staying with dear friends in the Wirral we set out from Chester towards Stafford in sunshine and the weather kindly held with us the whole way.
After staying in Stoke we continued south east, across the top of Birmingham through Cannock, Burntwood and Sutton Coldfield. In 2007, I was on a walk from Leeds to Cardiff via Birmingham and we were welcomed into Sutton Coldfield by a lady who hosted loads of us walkers at the time. Four years later I connected with this lady again who welcomed us into her home. Living to the east of Birmingham very near to where this walk will cross over, it was a moment to draw on the heart of Jesus’ kiss of Life for this woman and the heart of Birmingham.
The transition from labouring in the heat of the midday sun to walking in the garden in the cool of the day is an integral and current part of the journey for all, this is where all hearts will find their healing, in a new way of being that is foundational for all doing.
From there we went through the centre of Coventry, there was something of the openness and peace emanating from the ceiling-less cathedral that that gently rested there. It was this humility that inspired us to call for the wonder of those that allow the Spirit to fully flow unhampered without ego, self-interest or empire building.
As we stepped into Northamptonshire, it was not without recalling the walk from Lincoln to Maidenhead when entering this county was like walking into a blockade, making it a testing walk. However it was here that a key was discovered to unlock the whole area, it pivoted on a place called the three locks and a great connection with a lady, Clare Amies, a living key in a deadlock. This walk crossed over that other walk right where Clare lives and so it was great to stay with her and her husband at Great Brickhill just outside Milton Keynes, for the third time in the last 4 years.
We skirted the south of Daventry and headed to Towcester where the Watling street goes through and on into Paulerspury. This is where Boudicca and her army of 70-80,000 probably fell. Two mothers stood there as friends, each with daughters, by a stream that ran between the two hills where the battle took place and flowed under the Watling street.
The roman highway is giving up the treasure that resides underneath it, unearthing an indigenous heritage to be redeemed and taken back. From that point on the Watling street felt like a different way as if a deeper path below had opened up and was no longer roman dominant.
Having walked east to west through Milton Keynes last year, we took the same root but west to east this time and continued on to Dunstable, a place of low self esteem where the favour of Jesus walks the streets.
Finishing up at St Albans would mean my seventh visit to this city, walked in from seven different directions each time as if lassoing this place over and over with the truth. At the site of Verulamium and the roman amphitheatre there, at last, there was a resolving of the issue of the Welsh priest killed here having been captured at Caerleon. He was the reason there was a ‘St Alban’. Alban gave him refuge from the Romans and in return received the truth of Jesus. Alban went as far as to wear the priests cloak as a decoy so the priest could escape and consequently Alban was executed. This priest is called St Amphibalus which is merely latin for cloak and I believe that St Alban’s day is now being handed to this nameless welsh priest just as Alban gave his life for him to live. This is the true root of this place, a selfless love that lays its life down for a friend which is the very first call we made to this city.
At the same time there was something of Caerleon and Welsh identity that had been tied or held here against its will since ‘Amphibalus’ death. It had been tethered in the amphitheatre here for centuries and yet was very much part of the treasure and authority that lay beneath the amphitheatre in Caerleon. It was deeply moving to give freedom this ‘Welsh dragon’ to return to where it belongs and rejoin its counterpart.
I believe these walks are destabilising a ‘grid of control' that has its footholds deeply embedded in cities that are ‘chesters’. Since 1997 I have carried a knowledge that these ‘footholds’ would hold out the longest but once uprooted would disconnect this ‘grid of control’ from our land. Standing in St Alban’s amphitheatre I received word that this ‘foothold’ will be the first to be dislodged and unplugged. No wonder the contesting since I arrived home has been a shocker!
My complete thanks to Sarah Holloway who has walked beside me much of the way while living on the doorstep of St Albans in Wheathampstead, the ancient celtic capital in that location. A woman of the land and a stalwart heart, it was her lead that took us into her land at the finish of this walk and for this chapter, journey is at an end. The reins have been reassigned to the nobodies and the everybodies, the nameless priests and the faceless heros.

All thanks to Dave and Andrew who came and for all you gave, you made it all possible.
Here’s to the final stroke of this ‘kiss of Life’ to complete and clinch the deal, this will be from Lincoln to Caerleon sometime in 2012.